Next Official Woolsock Run Finnish Championships will be 25.1.2020 !

First ever Official Woolsock Run Finnish Championships was organized in Orivesi city 26.1.2019 . More than 1000 visitors came to see the running of more than 300 runners!

There are plenty of activities happening during the day: different running series, other wool sock related program, knitting, market place happenings, performances and all kinds of mind (and toe) warming activities. You can also have a taste of local food if you get hunger lingering in your stomach.

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Woolsock Run Finnish Championships is organized by OSMAKE in collaboration with Orivesi city and its entrepreneurs, stores, associations and companies.


Competition is held in Pirkanmaa in the city of Orivesi. Running routes are located near the ice stadium, which is also the competition center.


Running with wool socks have become an uprising sport during the past few years. Most important thing is to wear warm but breathing clothing as it is a winter sports event.

What comes to competition socks, here are the rules and tips:

You should wear socks doubled. It keeps your feet warm even though they also can decrease the feeling of the ground. So (for example) first running socks or couple of tennis socks and on top of them the wool socks.

You must make the wool socks stay up while running. Some use scrunchies or turned sock cuffs to keep socks up.

Competition socks are approved when they fill the criteria of wool socks. Therefore wool boots, rubber bottomed etc.are not included in wool sock criteria. Think about what kind of socks your grandma would do…that’ll give you an idea about what kind of socks are ok for this competition.

You can also buy official wool sock running socks from competition center during this event.

It’s also very recommended to practise if you’re running first time in wool socks. You can compare this sport to barefoot running.

You can pay your 3km and 6km run on the shop (link below) or when you arrive to area (info desk, remember to arrive before 10.30)

And last but not least, bring the relaxed attitude with you :)!

Program for 2020 is currently being updated

Shop and ticket orders will open oct.2019

You can contact us through our Facebook page or send us e-mail in villasukkajuoksunsm@gmail.com